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Our Sustainability Initiatives

An Inspired World for All

At Pullman Singapore Orchard, our unwavering commitment drives us to make the world a better place, beginning within ourselves and extending to the world around us.

Sustainability lies at the very heart of our ethos, shaping every aspect of our operations. From how we source and nurture our team to our conscientious waste reduction efforts and our support for the local community, we are dedicated to creating a more sustainable future.


Clean for Green Initiative – Opt Out, Earn Rewards! (Effective from 1 January 2024)

Be part of our Clean for Green programme when you stay at Pullman Singapore Orchard. Opting out of the daily room clean helps lower the environmental footprint of your stay, reduce chemicals, and save water. And, to thank you for saving the environment, you will receive SGD10 NETT DINING CREDITS* per day. Thank you for joining us to do good for the environment! Please approach Front Desk for more information.

*Valid for stays with a minimum of 2 nights. Credits will apply from Day 2 and are only valid during your stay with us.


Eliminating Single-Use Plastics

We passionately strive to eliminate single-use plastics from our guests’ experience, and we are making significant progress toward this honourable goal. We encourage our guests to make use of the reusable glass bottles available in guest rooms, filled with refreshing filtered water using the filtered water taps conveniently available in their bathrooms.


Empowering Our Guests with Greener Choices

In an effort to conserve our planet’s resources, we empower our guests to make a difference. A simple yet impactful gesture is at their fingertips – placing a card provided in the guestroom on the bed to indicate their preference not to have the sheets changed. This seemingly small act resonates deeply, reducing the number of laundry loads by an impressive 17%, leading to substantial savings in water consumption, less strain on sewers, reduced labour demands, and lower energy costs. We also encourage guests to embrace the joy of reusing towels whenever they remain unsoiled, not only extending the towels’ lifespan but also nurturing a greener planet.


Energy Saving for a Lighter Environmental Footprint

In June 2023, we adopted a new energy-saving chiller, significantly transforming our energy usage. Our new chiller efficiently produces chilled water, allowing us to adjust the chilled water pump speed and other systems to precisely match the building’s requirements. This technological leap has resulted in a remarkable 17% reduction in our energy consumption.


Digital Name Cards for a Paperless Tomorrow

In a dedicated step towards a zero-printing commitment, we introduced digital name cards in October 2023. This seemingly minor adjustment yields a substantial impact, conserving approximately 69 boxes of name cards each year – equivalent to a quarter of a tree.


Nurturing the Environment with Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Our commitment to eco-friendliness extends to our cleaning practices. We proudly employ Diversey’s cleaning products, each certified with the prestigious Green Seal Standard, a testament to our dedication to a cleaner, greener world.


Food Waste Reduction in Progress

In our kitchen, we are actively addressing the issue of food waste. We conscientiously weigh and analyse our food waste, aiming to reduce it in the future. This endeavour has allowed us to reduce food waste by an average of 1.5kg per month, equating to an impressive 9kg over a span of six months!


These collective efforts embody our unwavering commitment to forge a brighter future for both ourselves and the planet. We take immense pride in being part of this transformative journey and are delighted to have you join us in making a positive change.


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