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Forging a Sustainable Future for Hospitality

At Pullman Singapore Orchard, we believe it’s our role to shape a more sustainable future of travel. Pullman Singapore Orchard is deeply committed to sustainable value creation, and plays an active role in giving back to the planet and the community.

Our commitment covers the following focus areas for 2024 and we will review for continuous improvement on a regular basis as we embark in our sustainability journey.

People & Nature at the Heart of our Sustainability Strategy

People are at the heart of hospitality. We therefore have a key role to play as a responsible employer and industry leader to ensure and reinforce positive values within our sector. We support the respect and well-being of our people, as well as foster diversity, social inclusion and mobility while creating opportunities for people to thrive. When people are empowered with the right tools – be it a first job, a second chance, training to help them grow – we can deepen our sustainable and meaningful impact.

Preserving nature and its resources means resolute commitments and action through a science-based approach that builds on the recommendations of global organizations and experts. As a group, Accor have committed to a achieving Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050 in line with the Paris Agreement and also engaging in absolute reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions. Our approach also builds on a commitment to preserve nature and natural resources in order to contribute to a “Nature Positive” world, acting to preserve and use natural resources more responsibly, continue to anchor our hotels in their local ecosystems, and protect natural ecosystems and biodiversity in alignment with the Kunming-Montreal Agreement of December 2022 to preserve and restore at least 30% of the world’s land, coastal areas and oceans.

Implementing Change Through Three Operational Pillars

Stay: Reinforcing Sustainable Hotel Operations

From construction to daily operations, we are strongly engaged with resolute action to respect the natural limits of our planet and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Pullman Singapore Orchard is designed with sustainability in mind from the outset, and we transform and optimize our operations – waste management, energy and water consumption, eliminating single-use plastics, promoting a circular economy…, through to integrating the within the ecosystems.

Eat: Embracing a Sustainable Food Chain

Our role in optimizing the management of resources is crucial to control and improve the food cycle “from farm to fork.” We are transforming our supply chain, sourcing food more responsibly to preserve biodiversity and reduce environmental impact, as well as promote fair practices for local producers and farmers and respectful conditions for animals. We are also reinforcing actions to reduce food waste in our kitchens and to provide guests with an increasingly organic, local and seasonal offering, and overall raise guest awareness.

Explore: Promoting the Local Ecosystem and New Ways of Traveling

Pullman Singapore Orchard is deeply rooted in its local ecosystem, community and economy. We strive to actively protect the local environment and cultural heritage in Singapore, as well as create opportunities and meaningful connections with the local community. We are working to design a more sustainable way of traveling, encourage green mobility, and inspire a more conscious exploration and greater awareness for guests in how they too can contribute positively to the destination, its natural environment and local communities.



1. Minimize environmental waste
o Reduce our food waste for our Eden restaurant and Atelier bar by 15%
o Promote digital/paperless for our operational administrative tasks including digital key adoption by our guests

2. Use energy and water efficiently
o Set air-conditioning temperature at 26 degree Celsius for our guest rooms
o Reduction of energy by 20% through installation of energy efficient chillers
o Efficient management of energy and water consumption once completion of Building Management System

3. Implement sustainable procurement practices for supply chain alignment and procure locally as much as possible

4. Encourage environmentally friendly travel and transportation of our team members

5. Recycle our used cardboards, newspapers, papers, kitchen waste oil and plastic bottles regularly

6. Reduce food waste by 15% through regular reviewing of menus from data analysis


1. Promote inclusion, trust and respect for diversity in our organisation through trainings

2. Ingrate sustainability as part of PSO culture and our way of life through education and awareness

3. Ensure a fair, and inclusive work environment for our team members

4. Organise at least four activities be it in the form of volunteering or donations per year for our community

5. Participate in annual Earth Hour as part of our support for the global climate change movement and to engage our guests to take climate action.

Commitment by Pullman Singapore Orchard Management


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